Property Video

Property video is one of the fastest growing sections of property marketing.


We use the latest equipment and techniques to create stunning videos which help to showcase the emotion of the home. 


This unique presentation method helps your property to stand out from the crowds and create a feeling of prestige all at a fraction of the cost of traditional print media. 



-Carefully selected music designed to capture the mood of your property

-Optional professional or agent voiceover

-Optional title sequence and/or graphics

Aerial Video

Our skilled pilots and aerial filmmakers can create stunning videos of your property. Aerial video footage can be edited together with ground level video or cut together on it's own.


Key benefits:

-Highlights the scale of large properties and estates that can often only be fully appreciated from above

-Creates a truly dynamic and exciting presentation that’s sure to capture buyers attention

-Showcases the properties position and surrounding environment 

360 Degree VR Video Tours

Beautiful, immersive 360 degree footage created using our robotic camera dolly that is viewable on a phone, computer or VR headset.

Designed and built specifically for Estate Images this is a brand new way to view property. Purchasers can view a property for sale from anywhere in the world visually choosing where to look as if they are standing in the room.

A fitting soundtrack sets the mood and an optional voiceover can explain and highlight property details.

Social Media Presentation/Video Edit

The role of social media in the real estate industry is constantly growing. For this reason, we also offer videos that are created to perfectly suited the requirements of social media platforms.


Running at less that 1 minute in length these videos are delivered to you as a downloadable link and are ready to upload straight onto your Instagram, Facebook or other social media platform.  


Social Media Presentation:

-Created using the still photographs we take at the property

-Photos cut together in a sharp and exciting way with music and titling

Social Media Edit:

-Our social media video edits are a second copy of your property video that has been re-edited to suit the needs of social media

Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are addition to a marketing campaign. 

Perfect for:

-Builders, designers and architects to show off past work to new potential clients

-Real estate agents to share previous vendors experiences, perfect for a profile