Virtual Staging

At Estate Images we can add virtual staging to any of our images, meaning we digitally add furniture and decoration to vacant rooms. This can be a great way to show the possibilities of a vacant property to potential buyers, it can also help to give the images a more homely feel.

With our fast turn around times we now offer high quality, realistic images which will help potential buyers ‘bridge the gap’ between an empty space and their future home.

Help your prospective buyers visualise the spaces within a vacant house with Virtual Staging.  

A choice of styles of furniture and decor is available.

Virtual Decluttering

Virtual Decluttering is an editing process where we digitally remove undesirable items from the images to give the appearance of a vacant home. 


Virtual Decluttering is perfect for: 

-Tenanted properties

-Situations where occupants don't want their possessions seen in photographs.

-Occupied homes that would better suit the appearance of being vacant.

-Occupied homes whether the furniture is outdated. In this case, we can remove the furniture with Virtually Decluttering and stage the images with stylish furniture using Virtual Staging.

Virtual Dusk

Virtual Dusk is an editing process where we transform a daytime photograph to appear as if it was taken at dusk. This involves replacing the sky, digitally 'turning on’ the lights and appropriately manipulating the lighting to create the stunning dusk effect. 


Virtual Dusk is perfect for: 

-Homes that photograph best in the day, but would benefit from a stunning dusk front shot

-Situations were a dusk photoshoot is not possible due to logistics/occupants/electricity supply etc.

On-Shoot Styling

Our on-shoot stylist can transform your home immediately before the shoot. 


Our styling assistant comes equipped with the latest decorative items to transform unloved, cluttered or bare homes.


This will have a massive visual impact on your presentation. 

Pre-Shoot Consultation

Prior to the photo shoot we can arrange a one hour consultation with the photographer to discuss arrangement of furniture, the best angles for the photography and assess any problems that might arise.


This is a great way to avoid any last minute stress and ensure that the photography of your property goes smoothly. This service is recommended to take place in the days prior to the shoot to allow time for the necessary preparation to be done.


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